So, here I am

So, here I am…

My first real post on the new forum, and at the same time, the conclusion of many years on the old forum, and old site. Apparently, I joined in September 28th, 2004 and I have written 2182 posts, have written 6 feature articles and 14 reviews. One of these reviews was viewed 125274 times.

A world record? Or one of the old site’s many bugs particularly loving this review and giving it unreasonable good view figures?

I have many reasons to be grateful for the old forums, they brought me back to modelling and escape from a real life hole I was in back in 2004. At the same time, and as a notorious computer freak, the many bugs, the outdated code and platform, the apparent absence of maintenance started to annoy me more and more, and I experienced that to often I was only writing in the forum for … complaining about the forum.

That could never be the intention and I became a silent reader, not contributing anything anymore.

So, here I am… a new forum and a new site based on top level software ready for the next xy years. Very different, very user friendly, very performant and I have not bumped into a single bug since I got a user account (except for the confirmation email not arriving :slight_smile: ).

To all those who make this happen … thank you!

The past few weeks took some adjustment, and some effort to come to terms with the idea that something old and familiar is past, and something new is beginning. But nobody can escape from the conclusion that the new site is better in every aspect, and I am looking forward to many modelling discussions.

Now, Back to business, Back to modelling…


Welcome over the the brave new world.
Speaking of bugs, I have gotten the impression that somethign funny is going on
whena whole post is quoted (the standard in the old forum).
Here we can quote parts of a post or select to qoute the whole post.
Quoting a selected part requires that the selection does not contain a linebreak.
Quoting the whole post looks as if it will work, then it fails, edit the post and put the
quote back in and now it works. Quoting the whole post is done with the lasso or cartoon speak bubble in the top left corner of the post editing dialogue

Hehe… Well keep in mind some of those 125k views were search engine bots and with the voracity that Google sends those out (sometimes multiple times in a day) you can see why people are noting that this site is only tracking unique views.

Strange thing is that it is only this review that is considerd to be sooooo popular, maybe it’s the title drawing more attention than what it normally should?

Yeah sometimes with search algorithms and or referral links from big sites that can push something really far up vs. other articles. I do track all that stuff in Google Analytics but even with that data sometimes it’s still a mystery as to why one page is getting so many more views. Internet magic. :smiley:

Well said! :slightly_smiling_face: