So much for Dragon USA Shipping to Canada

Just received an email from Dragon USA because I am (was) a “loyal customer”. Dragon USA will no longer be filling orders to Canada because it costs “too much”! Actually, I only ordered from them, or dealt with “Dragon Care” a few times, and it was always a PITA . So I’m not too broken up over this development too much! :disappointed: :woozy_face:

It’s not like they have much left on that site. Most all the stuff I might order is always listed as back-ordered.

Yeah…back-ordered and never received! :rage:

Tamiya is the same unfortunately :frowning: I order from hobbyeasy now. Much better

Shocked that Dragon USA would abandoned the Canadian market. The Dragon USA website seem to usually have expired security certification. Likewise inventory seems thin when I visited recently. Wonder if its all prelude to Dragon ending it’s North America operation altogether. With the likes of Andy’s Hobby HQ, Sprue Brothers and so on is there really a need for Dragon USA?

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Not unless you need some Marvel bobbleheads on sale.

I would imagine it’s the high shipping costs. Kind of makes being competitive in the Canadian market hard.

Never much cared for Dragon kits, but I don’t really care too much as we have the “BEST” hobby shop already in Canada…HobbySense in Winnipeg. HUGE selection, GREAT service, fair prices, and a website that is “accurate”…for a change. He ALWAYS has restocks coming in…I know because I spend HOURS there peeking over the fresh stock of boxes arriving almost every day…go visit…you will not be disappointed… :grin:

If it wasn’t about 900 miles away I just might. But I can hardly be arsed to drive 30 minutes to Atlanta, so…

Ya, that’s a bit of a haul…yuk,yuk…! But you could still visit online…lots of goodies to see


Always loved the superb German arrmor by Dragon,and never had a problem with Dragon USA. Their daily specials were usually excellent.Sad that they have declined as of late

Are they heading down the same trail as Squadron?

I have no idea what is going on there. Since the days of the great 50% sales on armor and $30 Bf-110s in 1/32, and then the move to the new warehouse location, DragonUSA has slowly circled the drain and now that it is very close to the hole it circles faster still.

The Triple D cycles through the same assortment of old and/or slow-selling kits even though several show on back-order as they have been for years now. It’s as if the site is running autonomously off an AI retailing program that hasn’t updated in a long time. Even the ‘new’ 1/35 kits are predominately reboxes of the older kits only consolidated so we don’t have a dozen Stug III G’s anymore.

The new 6484 Gruppe Fehrmann Tiger is just Cyber Hobby 6335.

To become a spectacular failure like Squadron, requires management or owner who combines a great vision with unchecked hubris while totally ignoring the reality of the business operation and its actual capabilities.

I don’t think Dragon could ever be seriously accused of such total and absolute incompetence.

To fail like Squadron, Dragon would have to shift the focus of Dragon USA to selling only Pete Rose memorabilia or similar.

I don’t understand all this concern, or panic, over the possibility that Dragon USA might close. My OP was only that they were no longer shipping orders to Canada ( or at least, to me!). :scream:
@unclepine: I ordered once from Hobby Sense because what I wanted wasn’t available locally, but with the postage it became much more expensive than if it was (available locally). I just checked their site again yesterday and they have more “sold out” items than those available. :rage:

Hobby rooms should be stocked for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Zero panic here if all model manufacturers world wide cease production.

  • Stash 150+ kits :slight_smile: with access to another 3,000+ armor kits from friends with 500+ kit collections.

  • Enough Floquil in the vault for ~180 projects

  • Enough liquid cement & Molak Stucco Putty for ~200 projects

J/k - humor

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Ya, cost can get iffy sometimes…but for us Canucks, it’s ALWAYS iffy with our crappy dollar ordering from the US…! You are right about the OOS items though, and that’s directly attributable to the fact his only staff member took a really bad fall and shattered his leg requiring pins, screws, staples, sutures…the lot…! How much would you say is MUCH more expensive…? Curious because I am always checking prices compared to the other Canuck stores and offshore people, and in the end the cost seems to be negligible and he ALWAYS ships within a couple days if not sooner.

Basic price was comparable to similar kits here (Masterbox figure sets), but it was the postage that almost doubled the cost. I’m increasingly ordering from Chinese ebay vendors. Since most of the better plastic companies are located in China it is cheaper to order kits from their country of origin. And shipping charges are really cheap, or even free!

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