Soga US WWII Figures | Armorama™

Soga has annouced a line of 3D figures made by master Peter Samofalov. These are the first 2 figures, American sniper and American infantryman, both 1944-45.

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These look really nice. Leggings, boots and rifles especially good. Only nitpick, the helmet rim is too thick and leather helmet strap + buckle are too big (out of scale).

If these were in 1/72 I’d say “Nicely done,” but they aren’t. I find the proportions of the figure on the right to be odd. And I’m no fan of that helmet netting. Lastly, I’d like to see more undercuts in the uniform, especially around the cuffs and collar.
I really don’t see an advantage of buying these over Mini Art or MasterBox, both of which I’m a pretty big fan of.

Contrary to what the header suggests, those don’t appear to be made from 3D scans, like the newer Tamiya figures for instance, though they’re obviously designed using 3D software and mold-making technology.

While they do look nice, some of the details look a little out of scale, especially the sniper’s helmet camouflage net.

This set would also be a lot more useful if the sniper was armed with Springfield M1903A4 sniper rifle rahter than the Garand M1C, which appeared only in the final stages of the war in the Pacific.

Helmet netting looks way too thick.