SOL: Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. J Crew | Armorama™

SOL Model has two new 1/16 scale figure kits designed for the Das Werk Pz III kit.

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Sufficiently generic to suit any 1/16 German tank. Well done, Sol.

I like the commander.

But I feel like if you are modeling a figure to lean on the edge very specific hatch on a very specific model, he should actually appear to be doing so, and not crossing his arms in the air?

Could we see the complete parts list for the Commander?
Because, in the photos, the Commander is assembled with headphones and microphones - but no microphone switch. Will one be provided?

Also, I’m concerned about the scale of the parts. To my naked eye, the headphone covers look about 10% - 15% too large. I know there were variations, but what is this part based on?