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SOL Model's latest 3D-printed figure kits feature WWII German MG34 and MG42 gunners in 1/16 and 1/35 scales.

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Why do they insist on 3D scanning those soviet post war officer boots ? They shouls also fix the collars. They have wrong size and shape. And the ever soo popular cape worn in combat… I also just noticed they seem to be off with dimensions those heads do look quite small and legs too long.

Don’t get me started on Sol model figures in 1/35. I bought some stuff to give them a try after I bought some non 3D printed items which were very good. Oh yes, they look great but when you compare sizes… I started off with the Jeep crew a few years ago and the US helmets, which as we all know come in one size and you adjust the webbing to fit. Well, Sol’s were way too small, and thankfully I was able to cut the helmets off and use proper size helmets from Tahk, and on a couple I used Alpine heads with helmets already on. Sooo, a couple of years later I saw that they had introduced [
Fallschirmjäger helmets, both plain and some with covers, plus full webbing inside the helm, and added one overseas cap for good measure. Also regular stahlhelms with plain and covered helms and inside was the webbing. So they were so small that they could fit, helm and all, inside other helms which were made by other companies. I can’t remember if I bought some 3-D printed GI helms from them or another company, but they were the same. Could fit an entire helmet with liner and interior into any brand plastic and the excellent Tahk GI helm. So, I was, after some fiddling with the outside of the 3D printed helm, make it fit so I got use out of the American helms. They aren’t perfect. But Royal Models makes a 3d turned into resin GI helm with excellent interior webbing, it looks perfect. You know, if Live Resin can make a good stahlhelm in two different sizes with insert webbing, and Royal Model can do the same with a GI helm, it seems like everyone else who is trying to make helms 3d printed, can do the same if they would only pay attention to the size. And to top it all off, the Sol helms have excellent detail. There is just no excuse which makes me wonder if they are going to correct this or continue to sell junk that could be excellent.

Oh dear. I have no experience with Sol figures. I thought these looked pretty good. I’m not seeing any issues with proportions here. I don’t understand the comments about “capes”, boots or collars either. The figures are clearly SS men, which won’t please everyone, wearing the late camouflaged smock with the loops for the attachment of foliage, but with early type “dice shakers”. As the war progressed, the shafts of the issue marching boots were shortened to save leather, so this combination is unlikely, but not impossible. The collars look OK to me, they are the tunic collars folded over the top of the smock in the usual fashion. I will have to take the helmet sizes on the actual figures on advisement.

People who own and wear these things can spot it easily. Those boots are clearly post war soviet. The stitching is very different than the german one. German boots have the rear doubling inside not outside. The doubling is level, not raised. The Haispitze is sewn under the top leg part to prevent water to get in. Also german boots are not level with the ground, they are hobnailed. Soviet are flat with thin sole. Collar is too big, the insignia patch should be exactly level with the rim of the collar. Helmet on the HKL is a must. And I just noticed there is an eagle on the front side of the fieldcap ? For SS troops ? And no buttons ? So what is this ? A camo cap ? With an eagle ? Also look at the dangling end of the belt UNDER the pistol holster. How did he even manage that. This is kinda telling me that these guys have no idea what they are portraiting. No offence.

And the pose of front and rear gunners seems way off, too.

Not to mention the whole firing from the hip… like, who does that?

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