Soldier Sarah (1/12) from Modelkasten

Modelkasten announced new kit:
Soldier Sarah
Scale: 1/12
Material: resin
Sculpted by Kaz Tomori


Is that a pic of the actual figure, or a CAD representation? I would prefer the pic.

I’m not sure, but rather looks like CAD

If the WRACs had looked like that when I was in I’d have stayed on!

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I hope they produce a half-size version (75mm)…



1/35 would be nice, too. It would be compatible with a lot of Yufan stuff.

the problem being is there 1/35 Asian size is considerably smaller than the western 1/35 scale that we are used to.

but the figures image, it’s the only way I can describe the picture posted at the start of this thread does look good.