Some armour kits for sale - UK only

I’ve got some kits I’d like to sell, UK only due to high international postage that would make shipping them uneconomical. All kits are 1:35 scale, and are checked to ensure they are complete, but have been opened by me in the past – mostly to check the contents. (The DS tracks in the AVLB are good, no sign of weeping or hardening.)

Payment by Paypal only – contact me on this site’s messaging service to exchange details (email, postal address) away from public view!

Prices include Royal Mail postage to a UK address, and kits will be well packed. If you want to come to the Barking, east London area to collect in person then I’ll knock £5 off each kit (the postage saving!) and accept cash on the door. (And I’d knock £10 off the AVLB – it’s a big kit to post!)

Academy M4A2 Russian 13010 £20

Academy M551 Sheridan Gulf War £20

ICM Beobachtungspanzer Panther £25

Italeri Tiger I late 6471 £20

Miniart GAZ-AAA truck 35127 £20

Thanks for looking!

E-mail sent to your staff Email bud.

Hi It’s Adie from Staff In War and Peace I would have loved the AVLB but Darren told me to late as usaul lol do you still have the GAZ-AAA truck 35127, do you have nay other ones that you are going to be selling?

Hi Adie, sorry about the AVLB! But the Gaz-AAA is available - shall I earmark it for you? Drop me your mailing address details in a PM or an email to my staff gmail (to keep it out of public view!) and I’ll send you Paypal details.

Not sure yet if/when I may be adding more to the list, but I expect it will happen eventually!


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