Some early diorama photos

These are some experimental shots of my ‘not quite finished’ diorama. The photos aren’t all that good but when finished I’ll post better shots. No name as of yet.
Critiques and comments welcome…


Beautiful work Charles & the photography’s very imaginative, love the last one it looks like a hand-tinted Matthew Brady. A burial-detail cart in search of a bit more story, where would you like to take us? PS the Diorama Police are reviewing the Not Quite Finished plea-bargain but as long as you don’t have more than one they’ll leave you alone. As we all know there are some serial offenders in our midst… :wink: :tumbler_glass:

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Nicely done Charles !!
Picture/thousand words thing .

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I wonder what is left to be done? This looks great… very gloomy


I agree, what is left to finish? Looks good and done to me already,

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Well, originally my plan was to have a forlorn soldier sitting in despair as the wagon goes past. The soldier isn’t done thus the ‘not quite finished’ tag. I still have his gear, final positioning (presently he’s held together with blu-tac) and muddying up to do.
The red X shows his spot in the dio.
So, what do you think? Does the figure add anything or should I consider it finished as is??




I think it will be very good addition… Permission to add granted :wink:

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looks like the war itself!
great build.

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Upon seeing the aerial view, the ground elements (4 trees and 2 crater ponds) seem very symmetrical. I believe adding the soldier into the scene will really help this already fantastic work! IMHO.



I love the black n white photo. It really looks like a period photo. Nice work

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Really like what you are doing here Charles- quite a sad, somewhat forlorn scene. The groundwork is superb and compliments the scene so well- the water in the tracks is brilliantly observed and the craters and wrecked tree trunks frame the wagon very nicely. I think the proposed addition of the soldier will certainly compliment the scene.