Some M1A1 Abrams questions

I’m a long time aircraft modeller, but want to try a few armor models for a change. For sure a 1/35 M1A1 Desert Storm vehicle and possibly (someday) the Tamiya 1/16 M1A2 converted to a Desert Storm M1A1.

I’d value any help on the following questions:

  1. Best 1/35M1A1 kit?
  2. Were any Desert Storm M1A1 tanks equipped with T-158 tracks? What units?
  3. Are there any 1/16 conversion kits available for converting the Tamiya 1/16 M1A2 to a M1A1?
  4. same question as above for 1/48 Tamiya M1A4

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

  1. Rye Field, I think is the leading contender, there is one more option I am blanking on for the top spot. The Tamiya M1A1 is a nice option miss no anti skid.
  2. Yes. I think it is by tank not unit on the tracks.
  3. Idk
  4. No. There are some 1/48 M1A1 kit you can possible swap TC cupola or use as start for scratch building your own. In the same boat.


  1. There are no conversion kits that I am aware of. But trumpeter makes an M1A1 in 1/16.

Meng’s M1A1 kits are very nice as well.

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Basically. The tanks most units deployed with had the old T156 tracks. If you received new tanks in theater, mostly the M1A1HAs, they came with the new T158 tracks. If your unit ended up with a mix of old and new tanks, then the tracks were mixed.