Some recent completions

Just thought I’d share some recent completions. A few of these were on my shelf of doom. Decided I wanted to clear it off and made some good headway, but still have several to work on in that regard. Thanks for looking


Those are all very nice builds, thanks for sharing!

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Some real nice a/c you’ve built. The B-26 looks particularly nice. Thanks for posting.
Cheers, C.

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Breakout the Jp-4/Jp-8 & some 100 octane avgas+ That’s an impressive Squadron of planes! Always nice to finish one project but thats an extra sweet run completed projects!

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Thanks for the kind words all, much appreciated.Hoping to get that shelf of doom cleared off so I can work on some of my other stuff…it’s daunting, but doable. :wink: Thanks, “Q”