Some South African birds in 1/48


Very cool !
I like the camo

Serviced the ejection seats for the Mirage III at 2 Sqd, AFB Hoedspruit (Hoednam) back in the day. One of them got used, greatfully it worked, as it was a typical last minute rush job.

Nice finish. :heart_eyes::saluting_face:

I have the Buccaneer, Canberra and the Cheetah in the to do stash LOL.
Good bird to work on, the Mirage?

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Nice! Thanks for showing!

Didn’t do much on the Mirage III, other than pick up the seats from the squadron and service them at base armoury then return them to squadron. The squadron armourers removed and replaced them. This was probably because they had a canopy frag system, where as we did remove and replace the seats in the Mirage F1’s. The F1 had a canopy jettison system. The 30mm Defa cannons were also fitted on a “gun pack”, where as they came out individually in the F1.

Wow, this a bit of call back the past!

I too have a 1/48 Canberra in my stash, first kite I worked on as an appy.

Thanks again for sharing, great looking build.

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Also have the Canberra 1/48 keep getting put back I also have a1/72 Canberra I love to build the Mirage and Canberra display them together maybe so many great kits thank for showing these ones