Some very interesting news...Schnellboot S38 1942 in 1:72 scale!

Never heard of this company but very interesting and most welcome addition
to the line up of Schnellboote, in 1:72 scale!
Looks to be very good:


Looks like they are finally for sale. Last time I checked they were pre-order. There is absolutely no indication where, or by whom they are manufactured, and nothing on the internet. Close inspection of the box top shows Chinese writing (surprise!). However, they do have a professional and experienced look to them, and include several sheets of PE, and turned brass barrels. I suspect Fore Models is an offshoot of a pre-existing plastics company, similar that Kajika, and Sphryna are offshoots of Flyhawk.
On the other hand, I could be entirely wrong! :woozy_face:

Found some on Ebay from a Chinese vendor.


Yeah…I saw that, too, but it’s considerably more expensive than Lucky Model. In CDN $ that would be at least $130 (and then shipping!). A tad more than I would be willing to spend! :rage:

A kit review from Modeling News,com


oooh. nifty. on purchase list…

This does look rather good, I am definitely up for adding one these to the stash,

Hi Simon,
Glad you like it!..I think it is an awesome kit from the pics I am seeing.
I was planning to backdate the REVELL S100 but with this release I am just
going to order one as soon as they hit the North American distributors.

We just got this awesome kit in stock:

Is that USD $150?? That makes it almost CAN $190!! :exploding_head:

That’s more then I paid for the 1/35 Italeri version. :grimacing:

In Fore Hobby’s defense, their kit, even though half the scale, looks to be much more accurate and detailed. Plus it comes with LOTS of PE. But still…
Maybe some Chinese ebay vendor will eventually have it cheaper.

Got mine for just a tad under $115 au. ($85us/$105can) from hobby easy. Postage took about three weeks.

I always consider the COST of postage/shipping as that comes out of the pocket, too!
:smiley: :canada:

that was Including post.

Fore Hobby has released a follow up kit. The S-38B with the armored bridge.
Fore Hobby 2nd S-38B 1

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YES!..more schnellboote…fantastic news…Thanks for the info!