Some Wingnut Wings kits for sale. Last chance?

Modellbau König has bought the last stock of Wingnut Wings kits (at least that is what MBK says).
So if you want one of them, now is your chance:

Lovely kits but as the Brits say: Not my cup of tea.

Happy Hunting :grin:
See post by Tank_1812 below …

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Having done this with two shops in the US, have your shopping list ready to go. Lost out on one spending too much time looking at other WW kits.

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Is it my imagination, or do some of these prices appear to be twice as much as originally from Wingnut? :thinking: I should have bought a couple then, but I procrastinated… :sob:
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You snooze,
you loose …

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well that’s the way… Kitty hawk kits have very high prices since the decline of the company…

Andy’s Hobby HQ still has some WGW kits (as of last week). I bought two and their prices look like the cost while WGW was still in business: 2-seaters $119-129.

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Sprue Bros in the US scarfed up some WNW kits
Wingnut Wings - Sprue Brothers Models LLC

After a few weeks the list has shrunk quite a bit

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