Some WWII Generals

In progress what if generals go to a meeting with wife and kits, before sending soldiers to war.

Just painting Patton, I think there are all MB
Painting in acrylics, Scale 75 Artist range


Very well painted. Nice one!

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Nice set of top brass you’ve got there Jan- you have picked out the uniform details with precision.

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Thank you,
I think he is almost done, just to do the weapons and the helmet, maybe some small things one the boots.
Because he was some kind of a dandy, I considering to give him a silver shining helm.

Patton designed a uniform for the US Armored Corps. It was bright green with a chromed helmet! It wasn’t adopted (wonder why!) but this led to another of his nicknames, the “Green Hornet”!
How did Manstein (?) get in on this gathering? Cool that De Gaulle towers over them, he was very tall. Monty looks a bit too “regimental” for him, he was usually much scruffier than he appears here, without his famous beret! However the painting is indeed very good.

the generals are from MB models 6 in the box, the woman and child’s are from another box.
I bought them just for the fun of painting them, the woman are all purpose living in a box waiting to be used in some vignette or diorama…