Something different - MetalEarth

These are fun little weekend projects…unless you hate photoetch! Some are harder than others (the Eiffel Tower is pretty easy).

They make great office decorations too.


Did the tiger, binned as moved house so no Room for it,

Yeah they’ll never have the same sentimental value as a plastic model, but they’re fun nevertheless.

Some are better than others. Some of the aircraft look goofy.

I posted my oil derrick last year. Great hotel project. Liked it so much I bought another. It actually looks good enough to use on an HO layout.

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I have enough problems with PE,never mind a whole kit of it.

But yes,they do look cool.

That’s gone together really well.

I bought their Millennium Falcon a couple of years back on a whim. Never sure exactly where to begin with it, so it went back in it’s packet. Was always on the lookout for the Mass Effect kits they had but never found any.