Something interesting for us Sherman freaks

While trolling around looking for cool Sherman Variants I ran across this…

Its a M4a4 with FL-10 turret!

Would make a very cool build… :wink:

It has a diesel engines.

Dragon makes one if you are interested… It was Egyptian.

Just bought one.

This Egyptian version has long been known - about 20 were built on M4A4 chassis, but as noted re-engined to diesel so thus used a modified M4A2 engine deck. They were used in the Six Day War.

Unfortunately, the Dragon kit is poor. While the chassis is very good (like most of Dragon’s Shermans), the FL10 turret is very bad. It’s almost like it was a short run injection mold (maybe it was) or was actually molded by another company. You would be better off adapting a turret from one of the AMX-13 kits (Takom or Tamiya), or even using the old Verlinden turret (although that one also has issues so maybe not the best choice).

There’s a good look at the turret sprue here: