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Unimog S 404 with box body, German military truck

Model kit #35136 Scale 1/35

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Always good to see more Bundeswehr stuff; this to me, would be ideal as what I call a secondary vehicle within a display, although nothing immediately springs to mind as the primary vehicle. There again, in its own right with just a trailer say, from Perfect Scale Modelbau would be just fine.

I have the standard version which takes a tilt but doesn’t come with one (thanks FC Model Trend).

If you wish, I can provide some background about this vehicle, as I was a signalman 1984/85, 2nd platoon of Fernmeldebatallion 4, which provided point-to-point radio.

Each squad consisted of 3 Unimogs at that time: two of these (1.5t Unimog, box body) and one 2t Unimog (with cargo bay and tarp), which was much more modern.

There were no trailers. All the equipment was carried inside the vehicles.

The paint was RAL6014 Gelboliv (the 2nd or “late” variant), very faded on the parts exposed to sunlight. But 3-color camo was just being introduced, so some vehicles that got a complete overhaul came back from the workshop in RAL6031 Bronzegrün. A few even had the 3-tone NATO camo, but crudely applied with a brush.

Will be getting one of these. Spent three years in the back of one of these. Luckily I have a bunch of photos to work from.