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The Chaplaincy has been a vital part of military history since time immemorial. The theme of battlefield Chaplains is always interesting. Regardless of what side; soldiers have always looked upon a higher authority to protect them from harm.



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The chaplain and soldiers are British or Commonwealth.

Tebessa, Algeria. April, 1943.
British chaplain with the black stole with the insignia of the Royal Army Chaplains Department (RAChD) for Christian confessions.

On the left a USA Officer.

Netherlands. October 6, 1944.

Father C.V. Murphy celebrates a Mass and Holy Communion in the back of an Austin “Tilly”, where the Altar, with the Cross, the two candles, the tablecloth and the Purifier. In the other photo you can see a Missal.

The Tilly is camouflaged in the MTP 46/4A scheme in SCC 2 Brown base with SCC1A Dark Brown camouflage.

The soldiers and Father Murphy belong to the 12th Corps (badges on the left arm), in the first photo one of them under the Corps insignia there is a two-color Arm of Service Strip. Artillery?


Here’s a US Army Chaplain providing Catholic Mass services to soldiers at Normandy, France - 1944. You can see the portable organ on the right, which the Bronco set provides.


An RAF padre leads the hymn-singing from the back of a Fordson WOT2 lorry during an open-air Sunday service for ground crew on the airfield at Luqa, Malta. Behind the chaplain, an RAF officer accompanies the singing on a harmonium.

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