Soviet tank brigades (corps, etc...) that used the T-34-76 (1940, L-11 gun)

I’m painting a Zvezda 1:100 T-34-76 (Mod. 1940, L-11 cannon) and would like to give it some accurate markings for Operation Barbarossa. Which soviet tank divisions, brigades, etc… used that model of the T-34 and what were their tank markings and where did the tanks fight?

I found on Wikipedia that the 2nd Mechanized Corps had:

On 22 June 1941 2nd Mechanized Corps comprised 32,396 men, 517 tanks, 186 armoured cars, 162 artillery pieces, 189 mortars, 3794 vehicles, 266 Tractors & 375 Motorcycles including lighter models T-26, Bt 7, & T-28’s & 60 of the newer T-34 & KV-1 models. On 22 July 1941 2nd Mechanized Corps consisted of 11th Tank Division 181 (81 Operational) tanks, 1070 vehicles & 71 tractors. 16th Tank Division with 99 tanks, 870 vehicles & 16 tractors & 15th Mechanized Division with 188 (102 operational) tanks, no vehicles & 122 tractors.

Does the “newer T-34 & KV-1 models” refer to the tanks being newer than the rest, or newer versions of those tanks?

I’ve found a lead:

They did in fact have the L-11 T-34-76. Now to find examples of turret markings…

Largest tank battle of WWII- Battle of Brody (1941) - Wikipedia

Do some googling of this area in 1941 and you’ll find pics of these early T-34s.

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maybe you can find something here: (just use google translate to translate the website)

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don’t know if you already found these pictures: Т-34 Информ > Фотографии и чертежи

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