Space White

What do you guys use for ‘space white’ paint? Is there a standard color that is preferred or is it usually mixed up? I would prefer a standard color as I am only just learning to air brush.


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There was a special brand of paint for Star Wars been sold the Telford 2021, I’ll ask about for the brand name for you.

Typically whites tend to be a pale grey. That is what they do for Robotech (Macross) builds.

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My buddy came back to me, the brand is called “Archive X” apparently.

Good luck.

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The archive x paints that Gavin @The_Snowman mentions are by all accounts very accurate, although I have never used them.

Some people start with plain white and let the weathering change the tone. I did a b-wing recently and followed Andy Moores process which adds several tones to alter the final finish, using white mixed with barley grey for the final coat. The a-wing I’m currently working on is getting a base coat of Tamiya LP Insignia White, which looks like a good starting point to me. I have also used a mix of white and Tamiya sky grey before to good effect.

I also have several more off whites I am probably going to do some spray outs of first as I have a few more Star Wars builds in mind. Sorry not the definitive answer you were looking for but I guess if it looks good to you, then it is right.


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I think it’s going to depend on your subject as it’s a bit like asking how longs a piece of string!

If it’s real space, anything built by NASA looks pure white. It has to reflect sunlight to prevent heat building up. At least that’s what I read years ago.

If it’s a Sci-fi subject I would examine any and all references you can get your hands on. Especially the original studio models. Then choose a white or pale grey that most closely suits it. At the of the day, it’s your project and a fictional ship, so no one can tell you it’s wrong!
Bear in mind though that how those were painted could look very different to what was seen on screen. Colours can sometimes be a lot stronger, as they would look lighter on screen. It’s also not uncommon for after effects and filters to change things entirely.
For example, the Vulcan shuttle in Star Trek TMP was painted pale pink. But in the various cuts of the movie, it has appeared light brown and blue-grey on screen.


personally I use tamiya deck tan mixed with tamiya flat white.

or I spray the model neutral grey and the go over it with flat white for imperial ships.

hope this helps

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