Spade Ace 35075 - Where to buy?

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to find a set of Spade Ace tracks, SAT-35075, for my yet-to-be-built Meng Merkava Mk. 3 Baz with mine roller tank. Does anyone know where I could buy a set? Preferably in the US, but anywhere is fine. I know I must have been able to get Spade Ace from somewhere, as I have one set already, just not the right ones. I have the SAT-35073 set, which, from what I can tell, is for the earlier Mk 3 variants. Any help as to where to buy them, or if anyone has a set they’d like to consider selling or trading something for, please let me know!

Thanks, everyone!

Don’t know of a US source but I seem to remember they are out of Hong Kong. Might want to try a shop there. Perhaps someone else knows more than I . Good luck.

Hobbyeasy is a source, but the last releases from Spade Ace were I believe in 2017. Don’t think they are around anymore.

I had bought some- about 3 years ago, via their Facebook page. But agree they may have folded- think it was. 1 man show

You might want to try MasterClub as an alternative. I like them better than Fruils and thy are a bit less expensive.

I second the MasterClub tracks for the Merkava’s. Really nice.

Thanks for your replies, guys. I looked into MasterClub, and they do make a metal track for the Merkava Mk 3 Baz tank, but even that particular set is backordered everywhere I’ve looked. I’m thinking that I may just end up using the Spade Ace set I have, which is SAT-35073…

Okay, break in the action here…I have a completely amazing story to tell. As it happens, one of the very first models I got when getting back into the hobby 11 years ago was the Meng Merkava 3D Early. I had started it and gotten well along, but I’d set it aside a very, VERY long time ago, at least 7-8 years. I had never been happy with it, after I’d gotten to the point of putting the hull together. Somehow, the top of the hull cracked during the assembly, and despite the fact that the turret was also mostly complete, I’d set the tank aside on my equivalent to the ‘shelf of doom’. I’ve set models aside and later picked them up to complete, but I had a feeling that I was never going to do that with this tank. I also knew that I had metal tracks on this build. So, just for fun, I went to open the box…and, unbelievably, there was the remainder of a Space Ace SAT-35075 track set! The 35075 tracks are what was on my 3D!!! I hadn’t been all that particular back in the early days of my return to the hobby, but I would never have guessed that I’d put the incorrect tracks on the old 3D tank!!! So, I had an epiphany. Since I was planning to scrap the 3D build anyway…I pulled the hull apart, and recovered the nicely weathered 35075 tracks, and now I have the ideal set of tracks for the Mk. 3 Baz kit!!! And, even BETTER, I had always planned on getting a repeat Meng Mk. 3D Early kit anyway…and now, I have the ideal tracks, the SAT-35073, which were meant for that era of Merkava, anyway! Sometimes, there is simply good karma in the world. I would never have guessed that this would turn out this way, but it’s a perfect ending to my issues! All I need to do now is to buy another Meng 3D Early kit, and all my issues are solved!!!

Thanks to all of you, again, who tried to help me, but I think I’m good to go, now! Yahoo!!!

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky then to be good.