Spare Parts for Dragon AAVR7A1 1/72

Hi, I recently took a punt and purchased 2 old kits from an ebay seller. They came in one box and I took the chance that all the parts were there. Unfortunately I have a few missing. Have tried Dragon Care only to be tod they ‘don’t sell parts’!. I’m missing parts 19, 25 & 26 from sprue A for Dragon kit 7318 (AAV7A1 MICLIC) 1/72. As it happens, the other kit in the sale was the one in the topic title, Dragon kit 7319 (AAVR7A1). This shows my missing parts as being on Sprue A but not used for that kit, and of course, they were missing from this kit as well. So, a long shot I know but I’m hoping someone here will have an unbuilt Dragon kit 7319 who would be willing to sell me the parts as they won’t be required for that kit. Fingers crossed! The missing parts are top and bottom of the turret and the m2/mk19 gun part