Speaking of SOF Vehicles

The newest crop of photos from Fort Carson has some VERY interesting subjects. Here are a few teasers:

Lots of stuff I can guarantee most folks have never seen. In addition to the latest (apparently boring) GMV.

Of course I photographed the hell out of these as I usually do, including interiors. When you combine this latest crop with the 785 photos already in my SOF HMMWV collection, it’s well worth it at $20.

Ah, there may be a photo or two of the JLTV’s. All vehicles belong to 10thSFG(A)
You know what to do…


USSOCOM seems to be dragging on the Pandur II APC replacement and is pretty mum about it.

Nice photos though.

I haven’t been in an APC since basic training at the Harmony Church School For Wayward Boys.


Nice stuff there for new projects!!