Speedwox Sprue Cutter Review

We all have our favorite set of sprue cutters. Some are double blade some are single blade, and they all vary in prices and how they cut.
Sometimes it is a matter of how they feel in your hand.
Now God Hand sprue cutters seems to be the bar that everybody strives for and fall short.
The price on above-mentioned sprue cutters is equally biblical in proportion.
I recently purchased a pair of 5 in speedwox sprue cutters, for all intents and purposes they resemble God Hand in appearance.
So for several days I’ve been using these Cutters before posting a review.
When I received them they came in that plastic case shown in the images there is a three-sided file to help clean the the cutters If ever needed which at this point seems very doubtful. The Cutters also come in that white snap case to protect the blades.
I believe that is a very nice touch. As for the feel in the hand they are extremely comfortable and are spring-loaded to return back to The cutting position, there is also a tiny set screw on the side to keep from over pressuring the Jaws by setting the jaw depth. These are a single edge cutter meaning that only one side of the cutter is sharpened to be a cutting-edge and the other side is flat . Once again after using these for several days on varying types of sprue I find myself never wanting to use any other sprue cutter. The cut is extremely close on the few rare occasions that I did need to do a little more clean up it was very little.
Now as far as life expectancy , that I do not have a answer for. I have no reason not to believe that they will loose any function . The quality is very nice.
If you are in the market for sprue cutters these get a 5 out of 5 sith rating. Very highly recommended.
I purchased mine from Amazon for $21.99


I looked around for these sprue cutters and could not find this specific tool anywhere. Can you provide a model number or some other identifier for this tool. Perhaps a link to the Amazon page.

SPEEDWOX 5 Inch Model Nipper Single Blade Nipper Black Model Tools Craft Set Nipper Plastic Model Tools with Polishing Block for Plastic Model Gundam Building Repairing and Fixing https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PPCZ4VM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_fabc_8QP3TC9PWTS0VMC2Q03J?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Thanks Chris.

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