Spitfire Mk. XIX 1/72 Airfix

After a loooong break yours truly is back. This was a project I started a while ago (though not too long ago) and assembled. Airfix unfortunately does not provide any WW2 era RAF scheme and decals although a very nice Swedish and a Korean War era RAF attire are available. I prefered to build an Operation Overlord era look. I could more or less achieve it by scavanging other kits. It is a simple to assemble but nice little kit. With single colour paint scheme I decided to finish this one as a warm up model. Enough chatter, here it is:


I masked and airbrushed the D-Day stripes (I may be incorrect on this point, please feel free to educate me).


Next stop; some grime and soot then decals.

Here is a question: does anyone know what should be the correct colour for the wheel bays and inner covers/endercarriage poles? Interior green or aluminium?