It’s just a flesh wound. :rofl:


Bleh! While I pulled off the masking tape one of the markings came off. I already used the decals since I initially put the same markings in the wrong place. No spares left therefore. :cry:
Anyone got one I can use???
(Don’t pay attention to the bleeding. Still need to correct that…)


Ouch. May I ask why you put on the decals before you had finished the paint job? Decals and masking tape are not exactly best friends.

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I wanted to simulate the real world. The “D-day” stipes were put on later. I did put a layer of varnish on before taping. Thought that would be enough…

Should not have used masking, just paint free hand like they did back then… wish I had some new decals for you but sorry…

edit… only now I see you were only masking the decals…

Can you weather in such a way that it appears to be chipped off due to wear?

Or set on a diorama base with an overcoat or tarp draped over the fuselage?

Just some ideas…

No, I masked for the invasion stripes…

Thanks for the suggestions, but I do not put my planes in dioramas, due to the lack of space…

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I have finished my 1/32 Matchbox Spitfire. A tough build, but I knew that from the beginning.
A fine kit that shows its age, but I am sure is a pleasant build in undamaged form.

Happy to have this finished and managed to get the spitfire shape right :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

How it started:


How it ended:




Beautiful plane, this Mark is not one seen very often. The insignia and markings are just vivid, very nice.

Cajun :crocodile:


Great salvage work Jesper. From those broken pieces at the start to the finished item its a total win mate … lovely build and a super finished cam scheme … excellent work :+1: :+1:


That is an impressive build, Jesper. And knowing that you started from a smashed kit makes it even more so!


Great looking beauty, unbelievable to think how it looked at the start :+1:

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Decals are fun. These seem to be conforming well with Micro-Sol.


That’s a great outcome from the pile of bits you started with, brilliantly done!

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Excellent rescue job, Jesper! My congrats! I really doubt that I could produce (or even try to) such a beautiful result. :saluting_face: :ok_hand:
Peter :raising_hand_man:

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Thanks for the comments, guys! Much appreciated! :raised_hands:t2::sunglasses:

I have a Bf 109E-3 also broken up, but that will be for next year. :slightly_smiling_face:

Moving along slowly…‘A’ scheme applied. Painted with Tamiya colours, dark green and brown/red brown



The aircraft itself is finished. Hopefully can finish the base and mount it tomorrow.

My phone camera hates me and won’t get the colors right. Will try to get better once it’s mounted.

Edit: might try an antenna wire if I can find the right gauge.


Mighty fine looking Spitfire my friend