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Glued on the radiator and the oil cooler then put another coat of Flat White and Flat Black on the wing underside and landing gear and stabilizers. The carb intake will be done separately. Retired my bottle of XF-1 Flat Black. Still need to move the separating line between White and Black closer to the center line. The wing underside should be done by tomorrow.

Got my Flat Earth and Red Brown ready to mix up the Dark Earth for the topside.


Nailed it this time. Fobbed up the carb intake as I tried to do it by hand.


Dammit that’s a fine-looking model, I mean absolutely perfect!

Cajun :crocodile:

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Put Flat Aluminum on the front and back of the wing. Also put a new coat of Flat White on the carb intake.


…and so the legend began.
Spitfire Mk.1 K9795 was the 9th plane from the initial production which was completed in mid-1938 and delivered to 19 Squadron, the first squadron to be equipped with Spitfires.
K9795 went on to serve through to July 1940 where it was shot down by friendly anti-aircraft fire over Dover although the pilot made a successful forced landing. The plane was rebuilt and ultimately retired to an operational training unit by Feb 1941.
This is the Kotare 1/32 Spitfire Mk.! (early). It is a very good kit, some fit issues, but has lots of options that will provide plenty of spares for the future.

Since this was a new plane, weathering is kept pretty light with some slight exhaust staining and just starting to leak underneath. Also note that the gun shutes are covered over, so no firing practice going on.

and some early Mk.1 identifiers besides the two bladed Watts wooden propeller were the flat canopy roof and ring and bead gun sights

the flash eliminators on the outer guns

and the anti-spin parachute guard

This has been a great campaign to follow and participate in. I have learned a lot about Spitfires and thanks to @michaelsatin for organising it.



Michael that is a superb build, and a very nice looking Spitfire. I have the mid version of Kotare Spitfire, hopefully mine will look as good.

Very nice and an interesting bit of the aircraft history.,… good job :+1:

Painted the bottom of the Spitfire a light blue. (The color is unlikely to be anywhere near accurate but I am NOT picky about colors on anything other than my ships. It does come close to matching the color on the box tho)


Finally mixed the Interior Green and painted the cockpit and fuselage sidewalls again. But then I wondered why I had to paint them. Then I searched the sprues and found what I need to paint: the Oxygen bottles! Noe I still need to paint thins on the fuselage sides Semi-Gloss Black (like the throttle).

By the way, did any of you who built this kit (Airfix 1/72) have trouble with the fuselage/wing fit? It looks like my build isn’t quite right.


Mine fit very well…no filler needed. I did have to make sure all the sprue gates were filed off and seams sanded.

Make sure you’re sliding the wing in the right direction. It only goes in one way and might require you to kinda “snap” it in place.

Cockpit work. Will it fit in the fuselage??

Yes, with a lot of fiddling.



If this kit is typical of “new” Airfix, I will stick to Tamiya or Hasegawa. Just tried fitting the prop hub to the prop. The hole in the hub, once again, too small for the pin. I tried widening it but there seems to be too wide a gap when fitting it to the fuselage. Man, this kit is putting up a fight. Wish I had known this before buying the B-25, Lancaster, Blenheim, Beaufort, Hurricane, Sea King, and P-40.

Painted the Oxygen bottles Aluminum along with the wheel hubs and landing gear legs. Anyway, pretty much going to glue the fuselage halves together soon, probably tonight.


Very surprised you’re having this much trouble with it.

It’s coming along nicely though!

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I did the 1/48 Mk XII and it was very good. You are doing great with it even if its giving you issues.

I’ve built lots of Airfix kits and whilst they’re not the shake and bake kits like Tamiya’s, most have been pretty good.

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Fuselage glued together. I decided to try and make the wing fit. After a bit of a struggle, it suddenly snapped into place. Some clamping will be needed on the back edge, but I am just happy I got it to fit.


is this 1/72 scale or 48? i have the mk 1 in 48th, i hope it is not as bad.

1/72. I hope it is better. This was the first kit I built from the re-vitalized Airfix and I had high hopes, especially after looking at the detail. But it’s the 21st Century and they still can’t get their pins to fit in the holes.