Sprue Brothers Lightening Deals

Sprue Brothers has the Takom 1/16 Panzer IB on sale for $37.99!!! Special Categories - Lightning Deals - Sprue Brothers Models LLC
That’s a steal! That’s about what you would pay for shipping on this kit from Hong Kong! Get one now!
Also the Takom Bergepanther Ausf. G with full interior for $39.99. Also a superlative kit at a criminally low price. Hell, think of what Santa didn’t do for you and get 'em both!

Cant wait till I’m in the states :frowning: there have a been a couple deals this week I want but shipping is too much sadly

1/20/2022 Deal, Takom M60A3 with blade for $32:

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Damn you all and your deals lol…that’s about £23.50 … So envious…

Matt, I scooped up the same deal, the Pz IB and the Bergpanther, along with a couple of other non sale kits, the great prices and the $9 shipping?! How could I not give my self a late Christmas gift.
First kits of the new year already putting stress on my New Year resolution, “build more buy less”.
But you got to grab a good deal when they pop up!
Sherb, I saw this offer minutes ago. Gotta keep up with my vow and not trash it in the first 3 weeks of the new year.


Sometimes it’s too good not to pull the trigger.

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Model devils!

If I didn’t already have two, I would join in the fun.

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Been staring at this one all day. Very tempting