Squirrelly eBay vendor alert

I recently bought what appeared to be a Legends stowage set for the IDF Sho’t Kal from eBay vendor “fashionzon” . The parts arrived, but in a plastic bag, no Legends box or label. Oops. It was a knock-off, and not a good one, with lots of mold misalignment marks. About one third of the twenty or so bits were unusable. Okay, my bad for buying the cheap stuff, but when I got the eBay seller rating email, I dinged them. Shortly after I received an email from the seller, offering a refund or replacement. I requested a refund. Then I got a reply offering a replacement, which I accepted. Either one would have been okay, but neither happened. And to top it off, about a week ago I clicked on a pair of IDF crew figs, not looking at the vendor, and found out I’m on the “no-sell-to” list from this vendor.
In a nutshell, avoid “fashionzon”. They sell pirated copies of the real thing and do not make good on crappy parts.
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Sorry this happened to you. This is sadly quite common on eBay with resin items. Very easy to copy them.

I bought some Stalingrad miniature figures that were ripoff’s. Thankfully good quality ones but I feel bad ripping off the original company like that


I feel the same way about buying ripoffs and should have realized I was buying such just from the price.
Live and learn. At least the set has enough parts that were usable, after a lot of cleanup.

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If a offer
is too good to be true, it usually is.

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True dat.