Standard B Liberty Truck from ICM

Hello All
Here’s my Standard B Liberty Truck that myself and two other friends did for a friend of ours. His grandfather drove one in WW1. It’s the ICM kit and it went together well with no problems. It’s the first truck I’ve ever done. I painted with Tamiya XX-58 and used an AK dark brown pin wash then dry brushed it with oils. I still have to dust it up with some pigments. I had a problem with the first base I used in that I covered it with tape to protect it during application of the ground work, but when I went to remove the tape it lifted some of the finish off the edges of the base. So I carefully used s spackle knife to lift the ground work - and the truck too lol- off the base. I’ll be putting it on a new base. The ground work was celluclay with static grass. Comments welcome.


Absolutely beautiful. These trucks were amazing . From concept to production was a crazy short time frame .

Thanks Chris. I think the only part of the kit to watch out for was the frame and cross members. Just make sure it’s straight, and the the engine and fan where tricky to get into position. Otherwise no problems.
I’m noticing that I forgot to sand the seams off the tires !

Very nice! Sweet paint job and a nice little base. Airborne!

Thanks for the kind words Ralph!

I like both the model and the simple base…very nice

Thank you Dave. The ground work was a quickie actually because I was supposed to give it to a friend this past Friday night ( I ended up not seeing him thank god lol) and only finished it Thursday night but screwed up the base when taking off the tape I used to protect it, lifting off the finish around the edges. The base in my photo is the new one. I’m lucky I was able to lift the model/ ground work all together in one piece and now just have to glue it on the new base. I also discovered that you can cut celluclay with a scissors! I had to do that to size it to fit the new base.

Here is the new base


Oh I forgot- I used Tamiya khaki with deck tan for the highlights on the tarp over the bed.