Starting a BoB vignette

I got inspired by a pic I saw online of a cocky little dude striding purposefully down a road later in the war. He is obviously a veteran as he has stuff slung all over but he moves like it is part of him. But nothing extra! I am going to make him represent the 30th Inf Div. in the northern part of the Bulge.

Began with this Dragon fig and a Alpine head with helmet.

Besides looking way too stiff, I also wanted a guy with a slung BAR.
Tried getting rid of some stiffness.

Bent him a bit forward at the waist and moved his torso back a tad. Adjusted his head so it remained horizontal but I decided the helmet looked wonky from the side view.


Still wasn’t happy so I played around a bit.


Had a “DOE” moment when I realized the arms and legs were out of synch! Scheisse !

Back to the drawing board. I got a new set of legs.


I also added a tad more height here and the nice RoyalModel boots. But the helmet still bothered me so…

…it went bye bye and was replaced by a Hornet head and Dragon helmet. I also adjusted the torso yet again. Happy now with the over-all pose. I puttied up the gaps to lock it in and added the t-shirt collar and began adding the tops of his boot straps.


The next day I started to add the layers of late war combat uniform. First layer.


And second layer.

GI Joe is starting to take shape !


He is looking like a little masterclass.

Just keeps getting better and better.

Kind words,thanks

thank you Sir !!


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Lovely little chap there… Some very best sculpting … The webbing is looking terrific :+1:

You can see the whole pose and the idea you are going for coming to life as the modification goes on.
I always like to see the whole thing like this as I feel you can learn more this way- I know I’ve learned a thing or two over the years looking at builds like this where you can see the work going on.

Hahahaha yes,I have said that a few times myself !

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Thanks mate, I am trying to keep myself from going to fast and making needless mistakes.

Thanks Karl,
Glad you find it useful Sir!
I learned a lot from stuff like this back when I read Shep Paines’ books and also Calvin Tans’ book,

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That is looking great! Looks like there is not much left of the original figure, you sure changed a lot…
Wouldn’t mind to see the picture you based it on.

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Thanks buddy. I don’t know how to copy the original and post it here, sorry.

OK,figured out how to post the original here.


:+1: Looks good, you’ve made your figure identical… :+1: