Starting a BoB vignette

Outstanding work as usual. Nicely captured stride.


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Thank you Sir!

Absolutely fantastic! :+1: :heart_eyes: :+1:

Thanks man. Not as fast as you though.

Yeah, that’s a great work! Love it! Very good to see how you made the figure. Inspiring! /Erik

Outstanding work…as usual :+1:

Erik-thanks mate. Glad you liked it and also happy it helped.
Tank-thanks buddy!

Two time modeling academy award , never before given twice !!!
This modeling award is not given out lightly and only accents the already superb work and achievements using putty , plastic and brain matter , to be further referred to as , … yer melon …

Award will be given out with it’s own church key …

Hahahahaha thanks man, made my morning.
So this is like getting the oak leaves for my Knights’ Cross ?

Yup …

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Great job translating the photo into a mini-dude!! Thanks for sharing! Here’s a B&W BoB for ya!


Outstanding man ! Thanks for that,