Stasi Class Eastern Alliance Cruiser

Old School F/X! I’m in, providing you aren’t limited to kits of the era, or kits of things that were around at the time, or indeed kits at all other than for greeblies…



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hhmmm. you all got me thinking…

The BattleScale Collectica Show

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That’s a very cool idea but a build like that would take me years.


Time to finish this, pun intended!
The basic paint job was SAC Bomber Tan, Model Master spray paint in the can. Essentially a perfect match.
The engines, intakes, and detail areas were silver. I used Tamiya spray paint for that, Flat Aluminum, I think.
The markings are the kit decals. They are printed on an ALPS printer, so they are a bit delicate and tricky to work with. They mostly went on fine, except for the window decal, which I messed up. I used what I could, and filled in the rest with a black felt pen. Looking at the photos, I think that’s how they did the real thing.
Ironically, this is one model where decal silvering could actually be a good thing. While a lot of the markings were masked and painted, many of the markings were just decals from the various kits used to build the models. And they silvered up in real life:

The weathering on the real thing was very heavy handed. This is because the studio lights would wash out much of the color and depth of the paint, so they put it on heavy:

The weathering was mainly two types; heavy washes just dribbled on and light misting, usually through a mask or stencil to go along panel lines and stuff. The colors were mainly black and a rust/red oxide color. I used the same colors, but I added some Model Master Jet Exhaust around the engines.
The hard part was putting it on heavy enough, without over doing it:

I think I got it pretty close.
The stand is just a wood plaque I got at Hobby Lobby, painted black; with a brass rod that slides into the center engine to support the model in flight:



she looks GREAT.
The BattleScale Collectica Show

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Is that old or new series ? Never ever noticed it… Will have to look now lol

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Wow, I would love to have a book like that!
As for the ships, I have found photos of some of them:

This one is made from parts of the Eagle from Space 1999:

This one has parts from an F-1 race car, F-4 Phantom, and the Saturn V:

The Gemini Freighter:

The Prison Barge made using the old U-99 U-boat kit:

And of course, the famous Colonial Movers! Saturn V parts and semi truck trailers:



Ken, that’s an outstanding post! :clap:


Apogee really did a great job on this show. Just think how things would have gone if they stuck to the miniseries format and John Dykstra was able to keep working on the project.
The BattleScale Collectica Show

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