Steam Punk historical car!

Someone seriously needs to make a model from this bit of history.


This is basically what the Russians did to make snowmobiles in WWII. But they put the propeller on the back, like a swamp boat. And you can get the kits :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, keeps the bugs of, of the windscreen.

Would be a seriously cool model car.

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That’s super-cool, and I don’t think it would be too crazy to have a go at scratch-building it either. Fairly straightforward shapes and contours.

That would make for a real conversation piece.

Cheers, D

J.A. Bombardier invented that in 1922, when he was 15… he rebuilt a Model T engine, mounted it on a sled, and attached a hand-built propeller. His father made him take it apart after seeing it run, fearing that it was too dangerous.

Yeah, but I bet his didn’t have the mounted machine gun :wink:

Now that is a cool old car. :slight_smile:

Well yeah… I mean, if his dad wasn’t a fan of the prop, he definitely wouldn’t have allowed a MG. :joy:

This would be a great project to build. Maybe a group build idea. Any scale, build it prototypical, or your own version with whatever kits and materials you already have.