Sticker shock

I was on the Sprue Brothers sight looking at Trumpeters modern Russian armor and $90 is where we are at. Ouch. Maybe it is just me and this is normal


It pays to shop around, found the same kit $10 cheaper elsewhere but yeah it’s all going up but so is everything in the supply chain for a kit: paper, oil, transport plus as I recall in China where was I don’t know if there still is a energy issue and factories where not running the normal amount. I am sure rate is still the same or higher to make up the difference. Also that tank was on cheaper side as most other vehicle where at the $120 and higher but also those are massive vehicles too so that kinda makes a little sense.

It’s not just you! Trumpeter kit prices are outrageous across the board for modern Russian armor. I was just at Scalehobbyist and picked up a Trumpeter BMD4M and paid $69.99. It better be a good kit! The MBT’s are all going for $80! Alternatively, if you look at Zvezda and get a kit tooled 2020 or later, you’re going to get a top quality kit and “only” pay $50 stateside. Check out all the new Zvezda Russian MBT kits while you can still get them. Who knows if sanctions will allow shipments of Russian model kits.

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I concur with Tank_1812, it pays to shop around. Trumpeter MLRS/MARS kits are here regular 99.95 Euros. I got my Norwegian MLRS for 60 Euros plus domestic shipping. Really a bargain! :grin:

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ebay is usually the best option as far as i am concerned and i won’t be buying anything that comes from Russia any time soon.


Yup, Trumpeter’s modern Russian armor kits are quite expensive. I’d suggest looking at other shops such as Scale Hobbyist or some of the Asia based shops such as Hobby Link Japan for a better price on them.

As long as the price of oil continues to rise, the price of transportation (reliant on oil) also rises contributing to the higher costs of goods. And everybody between here and there is grabbing a piece of the pie. Everything from soup to nuts (literally) will cost more. :ru: vs. :ukraine: is only making matters worse!
:grinning: :canada:

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Don’t really care, I just had my 75th. Birthday and have more really nice kits and accessories in my stash.
To build them all I would have to live to 300.
Of course if I find a good by on something interesting I’ll grab it


I always found spru brothers to be on the expensive side,… not my go to mail order place.

talk about Sticker Shock
I have found an interesting buy.
Sprue Brothers have a 1/16th Stug III with Skirt Armor for $139.99 & $10 to$15 shipping in the US.
No interior here. by Gallery Models (Trumpeter) #GAL64009

Hobby Easy from Hongkong have a 1/16th. Stug III Early with a partial interior No Skirt armor.
The kit is from Das-Werk (Trumpeter) #DW16001
They are asking only $113.55 U.S. Dollars
It sounds like a good buy right (No No No) there’s a $70 shipping charge.

I thought those of you that like 1/16th. model kits might be interested.
I just finished the Gallery Models kit and it is really nice.