Ive just discovered stickpusher is on here which means i can no longer be on here or any kit maker forum, that is such a shame, sorry.

Why is that?

Im assuming you’re a friend of his (if he even remembers ) i dont like being called a liar

I can’t say I’m any more than a forum acquaintance. It’s just that you posted a vague statement and most of us, or at least I, don’t know what it’s all about.
That being said, I’m not sure what you expected to get as replies.

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I agree, I didn’t know about the beef either. Haven’t done it here but I would block people I dislike or not look at their posts especially if I liked the forum. No point throwing the baby out with the bath water. To each their own but will miss your builds.


I sure don’t remember. I don’t recall ever crossing paths with you before.

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Me too! No idea what this is about, or how to react. Guess he’s gotta decide what’s best for him…


I don’t know what this is about either and likely non of my business but selfishly I wish Ken would reconsider leaving Kitmaker … I always enjoy his builds .
Hope it can work out .

Okay then goodbye :wave:

Cant say that it will hurt my Kitmaker experience,I know Stik across at least four different forums and hes a good guy.

I’m 99% sure he will post again,watch he’s not done.

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Not on here but on finescale modeler.
Does that fing a bell.

I knew you werent leaving,if you were serious about leaving,you would just stop.posting,but you cant.


Is it possible to just leave it on FSM and start fresh here at Kitmaker? (I’m not a frequenter of FSM so neither know nor want to know the background over there…)

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forgive my ignoance, but what is a stick pusher?

Is the FSM site even relevant to most of us?
A stick pusher is a jumpmaster. One of the myriad responsibilities they have is to safely get a stick of jumpers out of the aircraft over the DZ. Not as easy as it might seem.


Stick pusher can also refer to a device intended to push the flight controls (stick) forward to try and prevent an aircraft from entering an aerodynamic stall.
Further reading with a lot of details and aerodynamic terms:
Stick pusher - Wikipedia.

I don’t think that the anti-stall device has inspired the username.

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No, KP, I honestly have no memory of any interactions with you on FSM or anywhere else. Your screen name does not ring any bells with me. I do have memories of debates with other folks, but not you. Please feel free to PM me to elaborate your obvious beef with me.

@G.Baran, stikpusher is my screen name, obviously. A stickpusher is the last guy out the door in a “stick” of paratroopers, pushing out the rest ahead of him. In my LRS unit, I was usually assigned that spot on our jumps, so I adopted that as my screen name on various sites and forums, with the change in spelling, when I first started going online 20+ years ago.


Surely the answer to pushing a stick is to make the plane with a retractable floor? :grin:


Or a cockpit rear bulkhead that slides all the way to the rear… :thinking:




Thanks @Kpnuts, great thread.

Now I finally understand @Stikpusher name and I really like learning.