Stikpusher’s Aircraft 2021, Pass in Review

2021 was a good year for me modeling wise. Surprisingly I built more aircraft than armor this last year, completing four aircraft and two AFVs this year.

First up, my Revell Germany 1/48 X-35 prototype

Next is my Monogram 1/48 Sopwith Camel

Hobbycraft 1/48 La-5, quick build for my great nephew

AA 1/48 Chengdu F-7B (Chinese built and modified Mig-21), a long time shelf queen

Hasegawa 1/48 A6M5 Zero, another multi year shelf queen

So an average of one completion every two months. Although I actually finished most at the beginning and end of the year, not in the middle. This next year I aim to increase my completions… Thanks for looking


More nice additions to the shelf

Some great builds there. Very productive :+1:

@Tojo72, @Johnnych01- thank you guys. It was a pretty good year of work. Aiming for more and better in 2022.