Still have alot of Armor to sell

Found a few more DML and Tamiya German, U.S. and Russian WWII ARMOR.

Before I start making a list, is any of it German and if so is it mostly tanks or do you have any auxiliary vehicles/softskins?

Most German and Russian. I got a cool
Tamiya German Whirbble Wind. For sale.

can you pm me a list of what you have?

I’m interested in what you have for German kits! Even the Wirbelwind!

Please let me know what you have and what you are asking?


I guess I already bought what you had left! Sorry for sending you a message again!

If you find anymore, I’m always interested!


P.M. sent.

Can you pm me a list please?

List sent sorry for the delay. Im dealing with health issues. Thanks.

Can you post the list?

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Elefant6 has quality kits in great condition and has been good to deal with!

Thanks. Im going through alot of boxes and will post more later. All the German stuff is gone. Right now Im dealing with serious health issues. And will be going into the hospital on 17 Nov. for a few days. Will get a combined list posted then thanks. How about posting some pics once some of those kits are built.

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Hope it goes well for you with a fast and full recovery.

I plan to post but don’t build that fast.

Could you please send me your list of remaining kits? Thank you, c

One happy customer over here. :+1:

send me a list ,