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Hello all,
I’m want to try this one more time I picked up the trumpeter 1/35 ICV Stryker from eBay and discovered that I’m missing some crucial parts from the A spru. Hopefully somebody has an extra one laying around hit me up if you do.
Thank You

If no one has what you need, you can buy sprues from Trumpeter.

Nice I did not know this I will jump on it in the morning thank you so much for the info

If purchasing the whole sprue turns out to be an overkill and do not want to wait for weeks/months from the shipment from China to arrive, let me know if you’d be interested in getting some parts 3D printed. I have that kit in my stash, and should be able to replicate some parts for cheaper.

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All great ideas thank you so much and we may be in touch for the 3d print idea.

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You can get the A1 DVH upgrade for the Stryker ICV from Shapeways. All major variants were upgraded with DVH, except for the M1128 MGS, which was not cost effective. Eventually they came up with the Dragoon. Same guy does the Spec Ops version of the M1126, with the blast panels.

Stryker SOCOM conversion set (9X7QQHKSD) by egalasso (

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