Strange behavior of a Dutch model shop

This goes out to our fellow modellers from the Nederlands. I ordered this week from a shop named ModelBouwCompany. Had to create an account and got message that the order being taken. Have to say the site is in Dutch language only, but not a big problem o understand. I choose SOFORT as payment method. Today I got an email that my order was “geanuleerd” or cancelled. Is this a normal behavior for ModelBouwCompany? Had not even a chance to pay for the kit.

Just a guess, but maybe when you selected “immediate” the kit was temporarily out of stock, so they canceled the order because they could not fulfill it “sofort.”

Again, just a guess. Maybe there was an option for shipping “as soon as available” or “notify me if the item is out of stock”(?).

Well, never ordered anything there but I don’t think this is normal for a Dutch webshop… only 7 reviews on the shop, but 8/10 stars…