Street Battle

This diorama came about of necessity. A diorama had been destroyed by child sometime ago. I decided to reuse items from that diorama together with another diorama to to make up for the destroyed one. Most of the figures have been taken from other smaller dioramas together with newer ones to form this recent version. I have been contemplating a vehicle, such as a pickup, but not too sure. I think the diorama looks good a nd makes a statement as is. We shall see late on down the line if I change my mind.


Doesn’t need a pickup.
Could possibly be a spce for someone who has been shot and is bleeding.
Don’t know how often someone actually does get injured when a lot of “fighters”
go wild with their Kalashnikovs …

Maybe a news photographer filming a staged street battle?

Reminds me of this:

I like the texture of that asphalt. Only comment I have on the composition is that there’s no way the guy in black could be that close to the muzzle of the Dishka. The way the brake is designed it would beat him to death.


It’s hard enough to pose a convincing at-rest scene, even more so an action scene. That’s been my experience anyway, presumably others too because for every fire-fight there seems to be 20 at-rest dio/vignettes. So bravo Charles I like this one a lot, very clever staging allows space for the rushing effect (contrasting standing & running figs) and the figures are excellent too. Request more photos from street level & it would look uber-cool with some smoke across it :+1: :tumbler_glass:


Thank you. Will try and get some street level shots.

Technical details like being to close to a muzzle break I leave up to the experts to comment on.
I just love the scene as a whole, I love it, great action, the runnning figures really add a lot to it. As do the details like that chair and the shopping cart.

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It looks good, can you tell me who makes the dishka gunner

I was told about the figure being too close to the muzzle. Will make the change.

Unfortunately, I am not sure, as I bought it off Ebay some years back. It was from an Australian company, if I’m not mistaken. The it came with the gun, but the support wagon was scratchbuilt.

Thank I know I had seen it somewhere, when you mentioned Australia I remembered who it was, callsign models. I have managed to order one.

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Yep! That’s the one, I think.

It arrived this week, quick service from Australia


At last! Congrats. I wonder why you can only get it in Australia.

Thanks, It listed on a German shop site but no stock just happy to get it along with a couple of other figures.

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I hear ya! Well hope to see what you do with it. :slight_smile: