Stryker wheel protection disks

Hello all,

I just found out that Blast Models is offering wheel protection disks for the Stryker. I never noticed them before. Are they new and on how many wheels are usually equipped with them? Blast Models offers only four disks per set.

Thanks for your help.


I think the wheel protection disks were from this article on DVIDS

But I never saw the parts attached on Strykers from 2nd CR.

Thanks Hermann!

The only strykers I’ve seen with those are either the mortar carriers or the ones that the field artillery guys are riding in as fso

General Dynamics Land Systems said that the wheel discs are for the protection of rocks and other sharp debris against the sidewall of the tire and are usually found on the International version of the LAVs. The LAVs and Strykers do have Run-Flat tires.