Stug III Ausf G hatch questions

Building Dragons #6320 and trying to layout open loaders hatch and the mg shield/mount. Question is should the front loaders hatch rest at an angle against the shield? Limited references I found seem to indicate it does. On the back of piece D8 their is a lightly raised U shape, should the loaders hatch latch rest in that spot? I’m pretty much at guessing the angle of the mg gunners shield but I figured knowing where the hatch should rest solves the take question because I know for certain it’s sure not vertical. Trival maybe but might as well get it right. Reference shows the rear hatch open is parallel to the rear deck, correct? Finally, interior looks to be Elfenbein, would the experts concur?

On the prototype, the front half of the loader’s hatch actually holds the MG shield upright. There is a tab with a hole in on the hatch that engages with a vertical pin on the rear bottom of the shield.

When the hatch is closed, the shield is allowed to fall forward to lie flat on the superstructure roof. There is nothing that holds the shield upright if the hatch is closed.

The curved flange on the rear side of the shield (when upright) is intended to allow the loader’s hatch to lever the shield up and forward in the event that something flips it backwards onto the hatch when the hatch is closed.

I’m not familiar with the kit parts, but they probably replicate the hatch holding the shield upright.

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