Stug III loader's MG Part II

I posted a query on the MG-34s used on the Stug III awhile backed , dealing with the barrel shrouds. Posted this as an addition question but seems it got buried with the replies. New tangent: Would the mg be left mounted to the raised shield if the loaders hatches are closed? With the split hatch opening front and rear, it looks like the rear of the MG would block the front half of the hatch. Seem to remember the SOP for the gun was shield was stored folded forward on the roof. Loader opened hatch, raised shield, brought mg from storage inside, attached to mount. It looks like the butt of the MG would block the front half of the hatch closing (or opening) so if the gun is mounted the hatches would have to be open , at the least, or the gun manned. (or , if the loaders hatches closed, the shield be down and gun stored inside.) Yes? No? Maybe?

The StuG III Ausf. G loader’s hatch was designed so that it would hold up the loader’s shield, so if the shield is up, the loader’s front hatch must be open too. This mechanism isn’t really represented in most plastic kits.
I’m sure you could prop the shield up with the MG too, but I don’t see why anyone would do that.

Thanks, guys. That’s kinda what I thought. As for the remote “turret” , photos I’ve seen , looks like the gun usually had the butt stock off. (shortens things a little) but the shield itself, while shorter , was bent at a sharp angle. Looks like both the gun and the shield would foul the loaders hatch. Not sure when these came into use. Also, I saw somewhere that somewhere along the line the loaders hatch was changed from being hinged front and rear to hinged to the sides. Cant find the date on the change.

Stumbled into this in my travels. Latch on inside of forward hatch and catch on shield.