Stug III Stalingrad

Hello, I would like to build some Stug III in 1/35 from battle of Stalingrad from autumn period. Which kits and decals do you recommend? I was looking at the sturminfanteriegeschütz 33 but I found out that they were used in the winter, weren’t they? You can recommend other kits suitable for the Stalingrad battle too. Thank you for advice!

Edit: What about the Sdkfz 251? Would this vehicle fight inside the city i.e. inside the factory district?

The SiG 33 was used in the last push before the Soviets counterattacked. There’s some discussion of this in Jason Mark’s Island of Fire which is a first rate book about one aspect of the Battle of Stalingrad. Mark has also edited a book called The Iron Cross Brigade about a StuG unit that was at Stalingrad. I don’t have it near to hand but iirc they had a mix of “B” and “F/8” models there…

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Here is one fantastic series about the big battle.

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