StuG IV WIP (~90% done)

This model represents a lot of firsts for me. Foremost it is my first model in 4 years. I got back into the hobby after the pandemic and got more seriously into trying out and learning new techniques. This one isn’t perfect but it gave me an opportunity for some firsts:

  • first time trying DIY zimmerit
  • first time trying cast texture
  • first time airbrushing and trying pre-shades
  • first time painting camo

Overall I am pretty happy. Here are a bunch of photos documenting the progress and current stage.



Still to add are a driver, loader, and commander figure plus these guys from Miniart:

Steps left to complete:

Paint tracks dark iron and rub highs with pencil
Spray thin buff coat to blend
Paint tools


That looks really nice! The Zimmerit looks perfectly in scale and the camo scheme looks great. Just one small thing, I think there is a mold line you might want to remove on the tow hooks on the front. Other then that it looks great!

You’ve got a great eye for detail! I did notice that, I am debating how to remove them without breaking anything and clean them up

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Your right it does seem like a tight spot to get too… maybe get a chisel X-acto blade and scrape gently?

That might be a good way to go. I have one of those handy to give it a try

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Built up the mini art figures today. They seem to be really good quality. Nice detail and folds. The fit took a bit of effort sanding and shaving a bit of plastic with a 11 blade. I currently have them positioned as if they are just getting on the stug ready to move out. I positioned two talking one sitting, and one climbing aboard


Really like how this is shaping up. The placement of the figures works very well in those pictures. :+1:

@Mead93 Is that the Academy kit or the old Tamiya kit? Thanks for your reply, Joel.

Your first attempt looks better than my current attempts after many attempts…


This is the old Tamiya kit.

Been neglecting this build. Need to get back to it after I finish my two current projects

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