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Pics of the prototype Sturmtiger show an early version converted Tiger…no Zimmerit, dished wheels, and Feifel filters. Did all PRODUCTION versions have Zimmerit, late pattern wheels, and no Feifel? Sturmtigers were built in several separate batches spanning several months; were there any appreciable external differences between batches?

There were only around 18 in total so I don’t know that they were built in several batches with batch-specific features as regards the superstructure sections. As far as I am aware, they were all rebuilds from existing Tiger E hulls, so there might well be some variations resulting from the dates the original hulls were completed.

Some (probably 10-20) years ago James Blackwell originated a useful thread on ML which had the then known details of individual vehicles. I’ve not seen a more comprehensive write-up since but there is a Sturmmoerser book on the way from Panzer Wrecks which may well be the latest word.

The main reason for asking is that some (or one) model manufacturer has released two kits; an “Early” version, and a “Late”. As far as I can tell, the “Early” was just the prototype shown to Hitler in October 1943 and was built on an early production Tiger l. Sturmtiger production only started in mid-1944 on re-built chassis and a dozen were completed by the end of September, then a second run of five were ordered and completed in December of the same year. So then…All production versions had Zimmerit and late pattern wheels?
Which leads me to another question: When severly damaged early Tigers and early Panthers (as well as other armor) were sent back to factories for repair (let’s say from Kursk) in the Fall of 1943, would they have been finished with Zimmerit? If so, wouldn’t it have been possible to have seen a few early production Panthers and Tigers back in the wild with a new coat of Zimmerit in late 1943 - early 1944? Maybe even with a mix of early and mid/late production features?

I don’t believe that the Sturmtiger prototype was built on an “early” Tiger. I believe that it was built on a “mid” chassis, number 250543, and that it’s in Kubinka museum today.

There is a Sturmtiger in Munster that is supposedly 250174 but its chassis doesn’t appear to be the 174th Tiger. It would not only need an upgrade, it would need a highly skilled invisible upgrade to make it what we see today.

The Kubinka vehicle, on the other hand, proudly displays its S-mine system and Feifel system which were never removed. It has the “rubber” wheels.

And that brings me to the kit. Trumpeter have a 1/72 “early” Sturmtiger which would supposedly be this one. They give it the Feifel system and the “rubber” wheels. But they omit the S-mine system, when it should have the arms at least. They mold a C-hook onto the rear wall, but the real tank didn’t have one. They give it the original engine deck with a centered latch, but it had the later version with a moved latch and an access panel.


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According to my references the prototype was a new chassis and rubber rimmed road wheels.
All later vehicles were rebuilds with any Zimmerit being untouched, battle damage included.
The running gear was the standard late Tiger Ausf. E steel rimmed wheels and track.
No two were exactly the same in external appearance and had differences like the exit holes for the exhaust gasses from the barrel to vent the rocket exhaust.
Two different shape “collars” were used and the drivers vision port had a divider on some.
Another highly visible difference was some barrels had a counter weight on the end and they too differed in design.

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The above is from this:

Which has drawings of the main differences included.

This is a useful on line reference source for pictures:

This guy has no zimmerit

Hmmm…no Zimmerit at all! Interesting! I believe that’s one from Drolshagen. There’s a side view on the net:

Yes, the same guy

A better pic