Su 22 m4

1/48 kittyhawk su 22 m4 cold war studio resin belly fits very well ! as well replace the nose cone which cos me a lot of sanding on the resin piece and amigo resin exhaust nozzle ! hope to do german version

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i forgot quinta studio cockpit set


Welcome to the forum! That cockpit looks fantastic

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Welcome aboard. Good start to the project.

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Looks good ! The Quinta Interior 3D sets are Nice , they really make a cockpit stand out . I use them as much as possible .

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so far so good well i had to use perfect plastic putty which is very good indeed just water and off you go


the kittyhawk kit are a bit love and hate well more hate then love :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:but is a bit more accurate then hobbyboss offering which i have from many years the main problem is the shape especially if you look at it from the nose cone

Looks good, especially the cockpit.

And a timely reminder I need to carry on with the one I started.

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well so far all good but i i find out i have no paint for the polish air force what i have is the akan paint for russian jet :roll_eyes:so i had to order hataka paint set for the polish version but will be here in 3 or 4 weeks meanwhile what i do ? an f18 E by meng

Can’t go wrong with a Meng F-18E !

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