Su152 vs isu

Surfing the web looking for new models for my wish list. Saw ads for SU152s and again of course they were ISUs, what is wrong with these guys don’t even know what they are selling. One was a takara kit the other a 3d print. My SU152 is coming along nicely, coverted from a KV1. Just need to get the gun mount worked out. I’m building it as a cast master and I want the guns on my miniatures to be able to elevate. Found lots of new collector 144 sets from f-toys got a M3 Lee, centurion mk1, bronco, IS3, F4D&J&S, rev, ls academy, minicraft, platz have all been Es so good to have other variants

Which scale do you want the SU-152 in?

1/144 there a resin and a 3D printed model, the resin looks a bit heavy on the detailing and the 3D is only a digital rendering and any digital pic can look great and not really depic the true nature of the kit. I’ve seen ads for larger scales for 3D printed model kits. I kit bashed a pretty good looking su152 just have to work out the gun mount I want the guy Able to elevate for diorama or gaming. I keep looking just to see what’s new plus I would like to copy the new wheel and track they are doing. My kit the wheels and track are one molded block the new have all separate wheels and rubber band track or molded together but open where it should be and looks much better. Been trying to get on of the new f-toys kits but keep getting out bid or just don’t want to pay the high price now that it’s OOP. Besides f toy or cando may come out with something new. Anyway I hope so, the 144 market was spares but the talaria and bandai came out with 144 scale collector series and it took off Dallas, cando, f toys, and a number of Japanese companies have come out with lots of new subjects. Thanks for your time