SuKhoi 15 “Flagon” pioneer 1/72


Here an old tool pioneer, I started it to get a break from other projects, however it turned out to be more work than expected ,
Pilot is a Chinese 3D print, decals begemot, i used mr surfacer black 1500 primer and silver chrome diplo automotive
Panels in titanium testor.

The base was also an headache , on top of it my cat chew the pitot and broke the tail

Burn here it is


Very nice work done and the base looks great

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That’s great!
I understand it’s not an easy kit to work on, so excellent work on it.

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Nice job! I’ve always had a soft spot for the flagon

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Very nicely done, Cold War Interceptor with a cool base

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Thank you very much for the kind comments !:pray: